TriBurst LED Light

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  • TriBurst LED Light
  • TriBurst LED Light
  • TriBurst LED Light
  • TriBurst LED Light
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HOW DOES IT WORK? Triburst is a light bulb that replaces your standard light bulb. Instead of an ordinary bulb, plug it in to obtain an extremely bright light.
SUPER BRIGHT: The Triburst produces over 4000 lumens, which is more than 4 times brighter than a regular light bulb.
Hinged panels may be turned 90 degrees in any direction, allowing you to direct incredibly brilliant light anywhere you need it.
ECONOMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Triburst emits cool light that is easy on the eyes and has an estimated annual energy cost of 6.02 USD.
HIGH-QUALITY: The panels are composed of steel for maximum durability, and the hinge screws are rust-resistant. The Triburst can be used in the garage, bathroom, or patio.

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